Walid Bahsoon in the window of the house he built using blocks made from plastic waste
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Freetown house built from 10 tonnes of plastic waste

A Freetown house built from 10 tonnes of plastic waste is the result of one man’s passion to find a solution to the plastic pollution which shrink wraps Freetown, clogging our waterways, beaches and thoroughfares and as minimum viable product’s go, it’s certainly persuasive. Last year, it reached the finals of the Asia Pacific Housing Innovation Awards – an initiative to encourage new solutions to affordable, resilient housing. […]

Plastic bag floating in ocean
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

European Union partners with Innovation SL for special pitch night to hear commercial solutions to Sierra Leone’s plastic problems

There can’t be anyone who has not experienced Sierra Leone’s problem with plastic waste. Abandoned plastic bags, water sachets and bottles litter the streets. They clog gutters and drainage channels, increasing the risk of flooding in our already flood-prone country. They wash up onto the beach, deter tourists, poison our fishing stocks and threaten the environment. […]