Monetising your passion – a Global Entrepreneurship Week panel

Monestising your passiion

On 15 November, as part of Dare to Aspire – a day of Global Entrepreneurship Week dedicated to women entrepreneurs – ‘Monetising your passion’ brings five enterprising women together to talk about how to build a business from something you love.

Miatta Marke of Cole Street Guest House, Hawa Turay – CEO of Hawawa Model Mgmt, Latoya Gerber CEO of Toya’s Creations, Mabel Ironn-Sky Turay – CEO Orkusu Organic and Yasmin Metz-Johnson – Founder of Tells Trips.

These five women are examples of how you can break the mould and achieve professional success by applying the rules of business to something you’re really passionate about.

Each is a pioneer, creating a niche in a non traditional sector. They’ve turned their skills into sometimes unexpected opportunities, and in the process they’ve identified and developed new markets.
This is your chance to hear first hand how they did it!

InnovNation and Insight Media and Communications are delighted to have put this together for Global Enterpreneurship Week, Sierra Leone

To attend click here: Monetising your passion

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